Tried Something New

We went to the bookstore while we were in the city yesterday! It’s been months sense we last went to the book store and I bought a physical book I can’t remember the last time actually!

We were walking around the book store yesterday and saw a section called Blind date with a book! I’ve heard about this but haven’t been able to try it because we could never find it so of course I wanted to do it

I got a mystery one!
He got a horror!

They were wrapped so pretty I loved it! Such a fun experience! And surprisingly we got books we don’t have yet and one we’ve never heard of!

Leave the guesses you think they are before you look at the results…

The Results

The Mystery! I’ve been looking at this book for a while so I was happy!
The Horror and one we haven’t heard of!


    1. I was worried about that too but I think the experience it’s completely worth it even if I ended up with a book that I already have and I could always try reading something even if I don’t think I would like it it was just really fun


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